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“Seeing Leo Casino in performance brings back something from time.

There are not many featured folks in the music industry today who might be considered original. There are few who both compose and play their own music anymore. Even most of today’s “stars” give only the ambiance of factory production. Leo Casino is an original. He gives his own compositions, delivered in his own more than just professional style of music playing. He’s worth the night out, and lasts in memory. His sax plays past the long night.”

Dale Reynolds
American writer in London

“Dear Mr. Leo, Thank you for our own private music from you. It was very beautiful and it touched my heart along with your words. I am going to give your website more attention this evening. So far, it is lovely and you have quite a bit of reading for me to do. We want to thank you for making our evening something to remember and we hope to see you soon and be able to sit and listen to you perform. If you have time to answer this email, will you please let us know if your schedule has changed so that we can make sure you are performing when we come there again.

Linda Consiglio

“Hello Leo,

Looking forward to met you again this evening.


Thank you, the plight of unloved children and caring of them is very moving. In the same spirit is the Ambassadors of Peace for which we are nominating you. Ambassadors of Peace.”

God Bless You and Your Works,
David and Toshiko Belfort

Letter to Leo from Big Brothers Big Sisters organization Fri, 17 Aug 2007
Subject: You are a DREAM SUPREME!

Thanks again so much for your great participation at the Miami Beach Cinematheque with Dream Supreme and company! It was a wonderful night, and we always love and appreciate your work, energy, talents, and now your new “platform of love” for President of the United States! You are a man of many talents, and an inspiration for everyone around you!

It was also great to see the world class performer Maryel do her things so well at MBC, and to see that cat Hood surprise us all with what he can also do onstage. It was an honor to have the rare trio of you three perform together, along with your other friends.

(What is your address, so I can send you a check?)

Hope to see you soon again at MBC. Looking forward to the next Leo Casino night!

PS. Don’t forget about Norma Miller and The Queen Of Swing September 15, Saturday! You and your performing partners are all welcome as our guests that night.

You are the best!”

Dana Keith