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Previews of “Lady from Haiti”

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Dream Supreme

(Directed by Jane Carroll/2007)

With Leo Casino, Jasmine Akash, Adora, Dr. Ali Tyson Cool, Taffy, Maria Sanchez, Dorothy Sims, and Marge Whitman
Written by Jasmine Akash and Leo Casino
Original music by Leo Casino

Dream Supreme is a musical fantasy about the chance affair between two of America’s most loved icons, Marilyn Monroe (Jasmine Akash, the former Miss Universe from Russia) and jazz legend John Coltrane (another jazz legend Leo Casino). Jasmine and Leo perform some of the most popular songs recorded by Marilyn and Coltrane. The entire film (which originated as a stage play and is now under the direction of the great Jane Caroll) takes place in the bedroom of John Coltrane. It is love at first sight, and a roller coaster of emotions follow throughout as Marilyn is entranced by Coltrane’s seductive charms.