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Leo Casino Welcomes You!

Deep in the heart of South Beach, Miami

~ The Delano Hotel: This casual, chic urban resort proved to be the perfect location and meeting place for a mission of great cause, a fundraiser for New Orleans, victims of Hurricane Katrina and the American Red Cross.

Jamie Foxx, Leo Casino, Colin Farrell, Paris Hilton, Victoria Cummock and many more came together in a mutual effort to raise money for a great organization and much-needed humanitarian effort… helping New Orleans restore herself to her original “Big Easy”. Leo remarked,”It was a pleasure seeing Jamie again and discussing the scope of the disaster, wonderful to meet Colin and Victoria and see Ms. Paris again.” Police Chief Timmoney was also on hand, one of Leo’s favorites. Leo remarked: “I’ve always had a great deal of respect for him and the great job he does here in Miami.”

A magical and charged evening that will be remembered by all that helped raise over 1.5 million dollars. One of the many highlights was when “A Date” with Colin Farrel, star of the New Miami Vice, was sold to a very kind and generous woman for the sum of $25,000! Shaquill Oneal, Cedric, Boris Becker and Jim Brown too were on hand for this memorable Miami event, filling the evening out with a range of diverse entertainment.

“I put a lot of me into New Orleans and was pleased to produce, dedicate and play it for such a terrific, giving audience at this fine resort.” Leo said. When Mr. Casino was asked, What was the last thought you left Miami Delano with? Leo added, “I was very happy and proud to contribute and felt there was hope for humanity and still do!”